The world of mathematics

Branka Zekanović

Each of us has our own point on the planet, however basic that point may be that is not defined. Man is a material point only in science, while in essence he is primarily a thinking being. The model of our planet inscribed in a cube is just one proof of the concept of homology in topology, a mathematical discipline, where we classify topologically equivalent concepts into the same ideas and create new ones from them. One such idea is that the geometric body of the cube can be developed into a six connected squares on grid (6 sides of the cube) on a flat board or mat, which quite coincidentally looks like a model of the children's game "School", although through this game children do not play "School", but learn a lot. The "die is cast" the moment we dare to take small steps for man, but great steps for mankind, and there is only one number on the right side of the die, whatever it may be. "Dice in a ball" is a symbol of today as one of the trends that greatly introduce science and art into the spheres of the term "entertainment", and everything "still revolves" around the ecliptic or material point, it is only important to determine the dimension and significance.