Documenting archaeological sites

Ahmad Rasidi Abdul Ghani, Farizah ideris , Yazid Othman , Mohammad Termizi Hasni, Yunus Sauman Sabin, Ahmad Zaharudin Abd Kadir, Mohd Asri Abdul Halim, Muhamad Zulkarnain Baharudin, Muhamad Hizzam Syukri, Mohamad Fazil Jaafar

Documenting archaeological sites – 3D documentation of cave painting, cave 5 and cave story in Merapoh, Pahang

On April 4, 2022, a group of researchers headed by Mr Yazid bin Othman, curator from National Heritage Department together with Pahang Museum Board conducted a preliminary survey to identify the potential of the limestone caves in the Merapoh Area. There are several caves that have archaeological potential. T
The surface of Cave 5's cave walls are covered in ancient prehistoric paintings.
This paintings is situated 3.0 metres above the ground. The record of 3D documentation prehistoric artwork has been initiated by Encik Ahmad Rasidi Bin Abdul Ghani, Senior Assistant Curator,
National Heritage Department. Agisoft and Autocad applications are used to do this picture analysis.