Bridges between the Past and the Future

G. Vasquez, L.Cuevas, N.Maniola

Preserving cultural heritage is essential for maintaining identity and history. The integration of humanities and digital technologies offers benefits for cultural heritage preservation. This article presents interdisciplinary collaboration between Cultural Heritage Restoration, Architectural Structural Drawing and Modeling, and Surveying Technician careers at Duoc UC, Chile. Highlighted projects demonstrate how humanities and digital technologies shape cultural heritage’s future. Digital technologies contribute to restoration, documentation, and accessibility of cultural heritage. Intelligent heritage management and technologies like AI, laser scanning, and photogrammetry aid digitization. The combination of humanities and digital technologies enables interdisciplinary collaboration. Duoc UC’s projects include surveying the Church of the Assumption, Fermín Vivaceta monument, Virginia Opazo complex, and creating a BIM model for Templo Votivo de Maipú. These projects exemplify the synergy between humanities and digital technologies in preserving and honoring cultural heritage.