A journey to the land of Sumer

G. Patrucco, F. Giulio Tonolo, A. Spanò, C. Lippolis, E. Quirico, V. Pelissero

The presented video, originally created for the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, showcases the Sumerian civilization’s masterpieces. It is a result of a project that involved the rearrangement of the Sumerian gallery and the creation of digital replicas of ancient artworks preserved in the British Museum. The digital replicas were generated by the Laboratory of Geomatics for Cultural Heritage at Politecnico di Torino, using laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques. The video serves as an interdisciplinary application of digital humanities, combining geomatics expertise with archaeology to create a storytelling video for dissemination purposes. The video introduces the site of Ur and highlights the findings of the excavations conducted by Sir Leonard Woolley. It showcases the 3D survey process and presents highly accurate and detailed 3D models of the masterpieces, emphasizing their historical, artistic, archaeological, and cultural value. The ethical values of replicas and the video production process are also discussed, emphasizing the adherence to ethical principles of heritage conservation and best practices in acquisition and dissemination for public access.