Image and range-based micro survey

  • From 25/06/2023 09:00 to 25/06/2023 13:00

Fausta Fiorillo, Sara Antinozzi 

Short description: The demand for 3D reality-based models is growing in popularity and ambition due to the level of realism and detail expected today. The ever-increasing complexity of virtual descriptions is often linked to the size of the objects to be detected, increasing as they decrease and forcing customizations of the adopted acquisition procedures, sometimes on a case-by-case basis. This 4-hour workshop addresses the issues related to the acquisition of small objects with active and passive sensors, from canonical approaches to possible experimental implementations. The aim is to provide participants with all the skills and knowledge required to carry out a photogrammetry acquisition of tiny and complex objects to obtain resolutions of less than a tenth of a millimetre down to a few microns. The practical aspect will be prevalent, with several acquisition setups where participants can personally try their hand with different specialized equipment (Structured Light Scanner, DSLR camera with macro accessories, digital USB microscope). A real case study will be used to understand the necessary tools and workflow in a real environment. To conclude, the data processing section for the generation of digital models and advanced graphic representations will also be addressed.